Have a Look at Pompeii Slot Online!

Pompeii was originally a very popular brick and mortar slot that could be found on pretty much any casino floor around the world. Amaya Gaming redesigned the slot to run on both mobile and online platforms due to its popularity. Pompeii can now be played with a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet and is supported by iOS and Android. Pompeii has five reels, and uses the 243 ways to win line system, which means that although there are many more winning combinations to be found than in a usual payline system, these wins are diluted and are thus quite substantially smaller.

Standard Slot Graphics

Pompeii has very standard graphics, the same style that can be found in thousands of slot machines all over the world. When the game was transformed from a brick and mortar slot to an online one, not much was done to redesign the graphics or the look of the game. This is a good thing as the slot will be familiar to those who have played it in its brick and mortar incarnation.

Like some casino slots at https://mobilecasino.ph, Pompeii is a 2D slot, with symbols and a background done in typical slot drawing style. The details are not very impressive and neither is the animation. The reels are set in a ruined city with an erupting volcano in the background. The soundtrack is a typical slot machine mix of jingly noises and beeps.

Ancient Disaster Theme

Pompeii was a Roman town on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, which was an ancient volcano. One day the volcano erupted, covering the town in superheated ash and killing everyone in it. Pompeii the slot is based on this disaster, but has turned it into a game that you can make money from.

The reels are populated with Roman artefacts, and some decidedly non Roman artefacts. Playing card symbols are at the bottom of the paytable, paying between 100 and 200 times your bet. The chariot and the sword are worth 1000x your bet, while the roman coin is worth 1250 times your bet. The top of the range is the roman helmet with 2000x and the amulet worth 2500 times your bet.

Free Spins

The gold coin is not only one of the highest paying symbols in the game, but also launches the free spins. The amount of spins you get is determined by the amount of scatters. These can be found all over the reels, and do not have to be in any particular order. Three gold coins will give you ten free spins, four gold coins fifteen free spins and five gold coins twenty free spins.

The volcano is the games wild symbol and can only be found on reels two and four. This symbol will animate and erupt every time it forms a part of a winning combination. If the volcano symbol is found on reel two, your win will be trebled. If it is found on reel four you will receive a 5x multiplier.  If the winning combination includes two wilds on both reels, your win will receive a pretty decent 15x multiplier.

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