Super Rugby Betting Odds In New Zealand

Super Rugby, which was once also known as Super 12 up until the end of the 2005 season, then as Super 14, as two additional teams were added to the competition, which features men’s professional level rugby union in Japan and the Southern Hemisphere.  It is now just known as Super Rugby and features teams from New Zealand, Australia, South African, Argentina and Japan, the latter two being the latest additions to the format.

How Domestic Competitions Feed Into Super Rugby

For New Zealand punters wanting to bet on the ultra exciting, pre-eminent men’s rugby matches, it is important to understand how each of the member countries’ domestic leagues feed into the final Super Rugby teams.

New Zealand’s Mitre 10 Cup is considered the most important domestic completion in NZ under Super Rugby.  All of the Rugby Unions are aligned with the Super Rugby sides.

South Africa uses all of its rugby unions towards Super Rugby sides. After Super Rugby, Test Rugby is on the second tier, and the Currie Cup on the thirds tier.

Australia has the National Rugby Championship with eight teams in franchise for Super Rugby.

Japan’s national club competition is known as the Top League.

Argentina, in the same way as New Zealand and South Africa has the Campeonato Argentina, where many of the provincial union compete to make up the national championship.

Markets in Super Rugby Betting Odds

The top markets to play in Super Rugby Betting are line and head to head wagers. These are available on all the big online sports books and they will show the Super Rugby betting odds for each game and the different markets within that game. Futures or out rights are another really popular betting market with ‘grand final winner’ being the most played futures bet.

The odds are often displayed as decimals these days, as opposed to the fractional odds of years gone by. Some sports books will show you which odds are dropping or increasing, as well as having other really good sports betting tools such as blocked odds, hot matches, best handicaps, moving margins and standings. All of these will help you determine the Super Rugby betting odds which will help you place the bets that will bring you the biggest winnings.

Follow The Sportsbooks’ Odds Forecasts

It always makes sense to keep a very good eye on the sportsbooks’ expert opinions which give valuable and highly trusted Super Rugby betting odds to New Zealand fans and punters in the run up to the provincial and big international games. Listen to as many TV sports presenters as is possible, especially those that are interviewing rugby players and ex-players with a lot of inside information. Of course they may not want to divulge too much, but you will need to learn to play games at and read between the lines to get the best Super Rugby betting odds out there.

In time you will develop a system of understanding and betting that really works for you, and in the beginning this can have a bit of a trial and error nature, but in time, and following expert guidance you should be able to hone your Super Rugby betting odds predictions down to a much finer art.

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