Popular Sports To Start Wagering On

For as long as sports have been played, there’ve been people hoping to make money from the games, and as such, there’s a huge market out there of sports you can bet on. The hard part is figuring out which ones payout well. We’ve taken the guesswork out of wondering what to put your money and have compiled a brief overview of the most popular betting sports to consider.

  • Soccer

With the sheer number of international matches that take place, and highly lucrative events such as the NFL, as well as hundreds of local matches around the world, soccer is one of the most popular sports to start wagering on. There are an estimated 3 billion soccer fans, which mean you possibly already know someone who is putting their money into a soccer bet somewhere. When it come to bet types, the usual bets are available, and surprisingly, it’s shown that tie bets often pay out quite highly due.

  • Football

Football is a hit around the world and when it comes to televised and highly anticipated events such as FIFA, the UEFA Champions League, La Liga Santander, and the English Premier Leagues, to name a few. When it comes to the wagers that are available, football bets are quite varied, but are also quite straightforward. For most bet types, the names are quite self-explanatory – though advanced wagers which go into multiple bets in one (such as accumulators and parlays) are also available. When it comes to what bet type to consider, the favourite is usually the one to go with, since they lose far less often than in other sports.

  • Basketball

Dominated mainly by the NBA, basketball bets are incredibly popular throughout the year, though tend to thrive from late-October until around mid-June when the NBA season takes place. There are plenty of betting types to go around, and with the option to handicap almost any type of basketball bet, there’s no shortage of challenges or fun for those keen to place a wager. Unlike most sports who tend to have moneyline bets be the favourite, point spread bets are the top wagering choice when it comes to basketball bets.

  • Boxing

Played locally around the world in live matches, as well as the ever popular televised and streaming boxing matches on ESPN, boxing is a very physically demanding sport to bet on. The most popular betting type for this sport is the To Win / moneyline bet – as it’s picking which fighter you’ll be putting your wager behind.

  • Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on, and with fixtures and matches happening every month around the world, you’ll not be short on matches to keep an eye on. Popular matches to bet on include the IPL, Big Bash, and Champions League. Cricket bets are as varied as they come, and most are laid out in a fairly easy to understand way. The sport also tends to lend itself to bets you are unlikely to find from other sports.

Other popular betting sports include golf, tennis and baseball, though many of those are specific to certain countries.

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