Top 3 F1 Racing Vehicles in 2017

If you have ever been interested in placing some F1 wagers, it certainly helps to know who to bet on.

Looking at the best vehicles in the industry is just one aspect to consider, you also need to look at the drivers and the pit crew as well as the general team mood, but it is a solid place to start. Below are the top 3 vehicles running in the 2017 season.

The Mercedes F1 W08

The W08 EQ Power + has been the pride of Mercedes this season. When you combine this vehicle with the skills of seasoned driver Lewis Hamilton, you have a deadly concoction that is read to blow you straight to the top.

The car has made Mercedes the team to beat this season. Despite the car in no way standing out from the competition as much as would be expected, Mercedes have still been the most consistent team so far and look set to remain so as long as the W08 keeps doing what it has been doing.

The name originates from the fact that this is the 8th Formula One car that Mercedes has built since they started manufacturing in 2010. The “EQ” refers to the car’s electric road car features. Even though the W08 debuted this season, Mercedes will need to make definite improvements to their car in order for it to remain competitive.

The Ferrari SF70H

On paper, i.e. during testing, the Ferrari SF70H is the finest F1 vehicle on the track. Great grip, engine power and top speed, all these are feathers in the SF70H’s cap. It seems the only hindrance to the car is poor strategy, lack of leadership and poor driver morale.

The drivers are the emotional Sebastian Vettel and the calm and seasoned Kimi Raikkonen. Between these two you have an amazing driver roster and they have shown this by putting the team on the podium for 8 races in a row.

The car’s name comes from the 70th anniversary that Ferrari is celebrating this year. The car uses the Ferrari 062 engine model which has powered the team to 3 race wins of 8 events.

Red Bull RB13

Another debut vehicle, the Red Bull RB 13 has remained incredibly competitive, despite it not featuring the best stats compared to other vehicles.

The talented work behind the wheel from Daniel Riccardio has made Team Red Bull a serious threat in this season. After the Australian Grand Prix, Red Bull had the 3rd fastest lap times, behind Mercedes and Ferrari.

The RB 13 features the Renault R.E 17 rebadged as a TAG Heuer. It is a notable improvement over its predecessor the RB12 but engine issues have plagued Riccardio’s teammate, Max Verstappen. British Colombia online casino players may well decide that this constructor and car is a good one to back, and so far, they are not having a bad run.

Honourable Mentions

There are a few vehicles that should also be mentioned for various reasons. The VJM10 from Force India for instance punches clear of its weight, securing a fourth place for the team last season. Using a Mercedes engine, the VJM10 is a solid vehicle that just needs more consistency from the drivers.

Also worth mentioning is the Williams FW40, also using a Mercedes engine. This team has employed an interesting combination of fresh and seasoned drivers to take full advantage of the FW40’s power.

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